Shillelagh Heritage Trail

Shillelagh Heritage Trail

The Shillelagh Trail explores the former Estate village of Shillelagh and it’s fascinating links to the Fitzwilliam family from South Yorkshire whose Irish home was Coollattin House. The estate was the largest in County Wicklow, extending to 90,000 acres. The trail is 5 miles long and visits the beautiful Coollattin Park, Ardeen House, the old Railway station and terminus, Tomnafinnoge Woods, the Courthouse, and many other local heritage gems. The estate created its own hydro electricity supply, and the pump houses are on the trail.

The Shillelagh Trail connects to the Wicklow Way at The Dying Cow pub, offering walkers the chance to drop into Shillelagh Village and extend their visit.

Shillelagh Sculpture on the Village Green

The history of the Shillelagh


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