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ReWild Wicklow


Our mission is to monitor, protect, enhance and increase native habitats in Wicklow so that it can support a vast, biodiverse, balanced ecosystem of historical flora and fauna. In short – a Wicklow as wild as it once was.

We aim to achieve this by working in collaboration with all public, private and NGO landowners across the county. We also have a strong emphasis on citizen science and people power, educating the public and encouraging volunteers to get involved with our work.


People power is central to our movement to take local action against the climate and biodiversity crises. We welcome volunteers of all ages and backgrounds. We usually have volunteering days on the weekend and you could be involved in anything from planting trees down by the sea to spreading heather mulch right up in the mountains. You’ll also learn from local experts and landowners about our variety of habitats and species across Wicklow and how we can care for them.

If you’d like to find out more and join our growing force for change, sign up with your email below and you’ll get weekly emails about events. 


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