Treetop Walk at Avondale House & Forest Park

Journey BEYOND THE TREES at Avondale House and Forest Park, as you enjoy a truly immersive and unique experience in the forest.

Begin with a leisurely stroll along the fully accessible 1.3km walkway. Weave your way up and down through the trees, and as the forest floor falls away towards the valley, you will gently rise above the canopy. Awaken all your senses, as you find yourself surrounded by Yew, Larch, Fir, Oak, Spruce, and the magnificent Giant Redwood trees.

Your journey culminates at our magnificent viewing tower, the first of its kind in Ireland. Take the gentle incline up through the tower to the impressive viewing platform, 38 metres above the forest floor, and enjoy a 360-degree view of Wicklow. From this spectacular vantage point where you’ll be surrounded by the aroma of eucalyptus trees, and the sound of bird song, you will see the Avonmore River, the picturesque Vale of Avoca and the mountains and lush countryside of a county that many call the garden of Ireland.

Viewing Tower and Slide

But your experience is not over yet, children, and adults with a sense of adventure, can buy an addon ticket onsite to speed their way back down to earth via the gigantic spiral slide, while others can choose a more leisurely pace by returning down the accessible boardwalk.


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