Coollattin Canadian Connection

Emigration from Coollattin

Coollattin Estate

People started emigrating initially after the 1798 rebellion. Later, for the first sixty years of the 19th century there was a constant exodus from the Coollattin estate to Canada (mostly Ontario).

From the mid 1830’s onward, Earl Fitzwilliam, who owned the Coollattin Estate assisted many thousands of his tenants in finding a new life across the Atlantic.

During these years almost 6,000 men left Coollattin in search of a fresh start in the New World. Between the mid 1830’s and 1855’s, tens of thousands of the tenantry on the Coollattin Estate were assisted in emigrating to Canada. The aim of Coollattin Canadian Connection is to reunite the descendants of these emigrants who left their native Irish shore almost two centuries ago.


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