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Nature in Tinahely

Locals and visitors can revel in nature in this unspoiled part of Wicklow. It is still possible to walk for hours without encountering another person, but you will be sure to come across indigenous nature and wildlife.

Ireland is home to a wealth of natural flora and fauna, and many examples can be found in and around the Tinahely area especially on our walks which take in diverse habitats including hills and valleys, rivers and streams, forests and fields.

Great Spotted Woodpeckers are now breeding in Tomnafinogue Wood which is also a haven to deer, frogs, herons and Pine MartinBats roost under the bridge in Tinahely.  Stags roam the hills and many can be spotted on the looped walks, along with a host of birds of prey.  The Red Kite has been successfully reintroduced at Avoca and is now a common sight in the south Wicklow skies.  You might also be lucky enough to spot a Merlin, Kestrel or Sparrowhawk.



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