Pubic Consultation on Wildlife Legislation


A public consultation on wildlife legislation will run from 27 June to 13 September 2024.

Malcolm Noonan T.D. is calling on the public to have their say.


• Upcoming review will include Wildlife Act, European Communities (Birds and Natural Habitats) Regulations 2011 and associated regulations

• Consultation is the first step in a wide ranging and comprehensive legislative review.

Minister for Nature, Heritage and Electoral Reform Malcolm Noonan TD, has today announced the opening of public consultation to review and update wildlife legislation in Ireland. The public consultation runs until September 13th.

Minister Noonan said:

“The laws underpinning the protection of nature in Ireland are a key instrument in the conservation and enhancement of our beautiful and unique natural heritage. By strengthening our laws in this area, we can give nature the best possible chance to recover and flourish.

It is vital that wildlife legislation is reviewed and updated to ensure that nature is given the best protection possible while also respecting our own place within it.

So often in Ireland, we rely on European Union legislation to tell us how we should protect nature under the law. This is a chance for us to decide for ourselves what our priorities should be and where we should go beyond the minimum protections set down under EU law.

We are all stakeholders when it comes to wildlife legislation. I urge interested members of the public to have their say on how legal protections can be improved and on how we can have legislation that works for everyone and strikes an appropriate balance between the interests of humans and the interest of wildlife.”


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